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  • Basement Staircase


    Drywalled basement stairwell before cutout

    Drywalled basement stairwell before cutout

    MD BLOG works to give Drywall ideas and knows basements have a narrow stairwell that is completely closed in. This image shows how dark this staircase is and how the walls make this space feel closed in. The customer did not like this tunnel down into her basement.


    basement stairwell drywall cutoutBasement stairwell drywall cutout

    This is a great “After” image of the same staircase! Now the same staircase has become an architectural feature that allows light to pass through and enlargens the space in this basement. It joins the two spaces to make a great family entertaining room!

  • Allure of Painted Ceilings
    smooth ceilings in kitchen
    Kitchen in remodeled home with center island.

    The “allure” of painted smooth ceilings can be found in many new homes these days. Smooth ceilings give the illusion of a higher ceiling as well as transfer light along its surface more easily than texture. The ability to clean grease stains or spaghetti sauce is much easier than a textured ceiling as well. Nice, clean and sleek! MD-Drywall Incorporated can do Level 5 ceilings in your home!

  • Advantages of Using Steel Stud Framing
    Steel Stud Framing
    Steel Stud Framing
    • Did you notice the steel around that dropped bulkhead?
      Not only are steel studs slightly smaller than wood 2″ x 4″ studs, they also will not warp, expand or contract, shrink, split, etc..
      Now with that in mind, how do you feel now about your bulkheads and /or basement ceiling?
    • Think about your smooth ceilings with recessed potlights in your basement rec room, your warped wood studs would be hard to hide across a smooth ceiling of drywall.
    • Waves in your ceiling would be avoidable, if you used steel studs for framing.
    • Using Steel Studs around your Hvac and awkward staircase ceilings also gives you more overall space.
    awkward piping in basement
    awkward piping in basement
    • This is a really great example in a basement of where using steel studs to frame around these plumbing pipes would help condense the space used by traditional wood framing.
    • You could probably cut down 6″ possibly as much as 1′ of space otherwise intruding into your bathroom or rec room.
    Framing around Hvac pipes
    Framing around Hvac pipes
    • Check out those cumbersome Hvac pipes! Now who doesn’t have these in their basement.
    • If not done correctly, a lot of homeowners will end up with HUGE bulkheads in their basements, sometimes too many!
    • Steel studs tuck nicely underneath, again reducing the size of your bulkheads. Compact!