How to Qualify a Quote

How to Qualify a Quote

I feel this is very important information to share How to Qualify a Quote for those of you looking to hire a “Professional Contractor”.  After hearing repeated horror stories from my Customers, I felt an obligation to notify the general public to help you avoid similar catastrophes and make better informed decisions on who to hire.

Throughout the years, I have seen some crazy things with so called “Contractors”. The Drywall scope is a big process for any full development, house or basement and it represents the finished product of your home.

How to qualify a drywall quote

First -Look for a Contractor known in the area. Look at reviews and ask them about their whole process from start to finish. They should be able to lay out a clear understanding of how they would proceed with your project. The Contractor should ask you about your needs and all specs that you want for your project. Each project can have many varying options to achieve different end results. The Contractor should be able to give you all the options to achieve your goals.

Second- Now that you have relayed to the Contractor all of your information, you should receive a quote in point form. Including your specs and scope of work to be done, plus if materials are included or not. Contractors can ask for a deposit, but never give any payment until materials are on site and work has commenced. There needs to be a trust formed between you and the Contractor. You need to pay for services and the Contractor needs to deliver quality workmanship on your project.

Information to provide for accurate Quoting

  • The most accurate estimate is to measure on-site.
  • If you need to send plans make sure you send all specs for project.
  • Provide all details of your job.
  • What Attic R-Value and Wall R-Value you need. Or if you want Foam Insulation and location.
  • What Texture type you would like.
  • What ceilings you want ready for paint.
  • What Bead type you are looking for. Ie. Square or round bead.
  • What rooms need sound proofing. If any.
  • What type of drywall is required for behind tubs or showers? M2, DensShield or Concrete board? Plans don’t always make it clear what type of tubs or showers are being installed.

These are the basic specs needed to quote a project. A contractor should be able to give you options based on these basic specs.

If there is any other detail needed in your project let the Contractor know before he starts preparing the quote.  Some Contractors will hit you with extra’s to make more profit or to make up for mistakes made in your original quote. Everyone wants to save money, but don’t put yourself with a Contractor that can’t supply your project with the proper amount of materials because he cuts corners to get your job.

Be aware, “You get what you pay for” sometimes. It’s all about the Contractor having integrity and following through on projects that they work on. When you get your quote back from the Contractor, you should see your name, address and date of the quote. Your quote should have a complete break down of the scope of work to be done with specs of your project. This could be insulation R-Value, types of board being used, texture, bead type or any other specs relayed to the Contractor. Before signing or agreeing to the quote, make sure everything you need is included in the quote.

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